Alamat Pindah ke

Park Hwa-young

Hwa-Young is an 18-year-old high school student. She lives by herself. Hwa-Young’s friends gather at her house. There, they eat ramen which Hwa-Young makes for them and smoke cigarettes. They call her “mom,” even though they are all the same age. Hwa-Young's best friend is Mi-Jung. Mi-Jung has a boyfriend Young-Jae, but he doesn't like Hwa-Young hanging around his girlfriend. One day, he finds Mi-Jung with another guy at Hwa-Young's house. He blames Hwa-Young and becomes violent. That night, Mi-Jung asks Hwa-Young to become her real mom.

Genre: Drama

Actors: Kim Ga-hee, Kang Min-ah, Lee Jae-kyoon

Directors: Lee Hwan

Production: Myung Films

Duration: 99 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 19 July 2018

Countries: Korea