Alamat Pindah ke

The Mystery Mausoleum

ȯ墓迷灯 Adapted from the “A Tomb of the Tomb” of the A-class IP of the Iqiyi Literature Yunteng Plan, it tells the story of Qin Xiaofeng, Xu Mengying, Jiushu and other people exploring the Tianshan Dragon Cave. The accident unveiled the ancient moon princess and General Tiewei. The story of life and death, the search for the lost civilization buried in the ancient tomb, not only has the traditional elements of the compass and the gold, but also incorporates the wonderful plots of the Su Shi love and serial suspense.

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Adventure


Directors: Peng Yu, Zhang Lanyi, Feng Ke


Duration: 78 Menit

Quality:  HD

Release Date: 27 October 2018

Countries: China